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Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, specializing in learning, development & motivation.

Marie-Hélène Budworth

The generations at work

September 21st, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Next week I will be running focus groups on the experience of Generation Y women in the workplace.  In particular, we are interested in hearing from young women today about their perspectives on executive work, the glass  ceiling, and career success.  I will share some of the ideas that are initiated by those discussions once they develop.

I am interested in generational issues in general.  Actually, it is not the generations that I am interested exactly.  I am really curious about how the varying skill sets, often defined by age, impact a person’s life experience.  For instance, the folks who are in their early 20s right now grew up with the internet. That means that at every point in their education, they had unprecedented access to information.  What does this mean for their attitudes towards development?  How do they view their careers?  There are a number of folks who are starting to write about these issues, but the area of research is not yet well developed.  I plan on exploring these ideas a bit more in the coming months.


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