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January 22nd, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I must be the web’s worst Blogger.  It has been close to three months since my last entry!  Despite my best intentions I have found it pretty difficult to find something to write about that I could ‘get behind.’  This does not mean that I have not been busy.  My paper on feedforward is close to publication.  I have a new paper on using the internet as a hiring screening tool and I have some interesting new projects on motivation.  In spite of all of this, my own motivation around sharing my thoughts has waned.  This is largely due to the fact that the end of 2012 was crappy for me personally and my thoughts have been anything but enthusiastic.  

I realized that the best way to get myself back on this Blogging train would be to share with you the events of the last few months.  And by ‘you’ I mean any person out there who has not completely abandoned this site due to its lack of activity.  So here goes, two close family members have struggled with cancer in the last little while.  They are young and I love them and so, it sucks like a big bag of cake balls.  Actually worse than that.  I imagine cake balls (or cake pops) are pretty tasty.  It sucks like a big bag of doggy poop.  I know that cancer touches everyone’s life at one point or another.  I was not prepared.  Don’t worry (if I can be so bold as to think that you were worried).  I am fine and I will be fine but the world sucks – rather, outside of my amazing kids, excellent husband, wonderful friends, and inspiring work – the world sucks.  So you won’t hear much more about this on the Blog but I thought that full disclosure may allow me to get back on the Blogging horse.

I do have one request.  This year, I will be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  This is a 200 km ride from Toronto to Niagara in support of a number of cancer foundations.  You can find my reasons for doing this at my sponsorship website.  If you are able and willing to support me in this event, I would be very appreciative.  In a time when there is nothing that I can do for the people that I love, I can do this.  Click on the link below to read more about it or to sponsor  me directly.

Visit my personal page:

Now back to your regular Blog.  (I promise). 



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