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Marie-Hélène Budworth

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July 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Here we go.  I am new to blogging so you will have to bear with me as I get the hand of this.  (You will also have to forgive me for shamelessly using photos of my children to illustrate themes.)  I have spent most of today working on a paper on a technique called feedfoward – as opposed to feedback.  The intervention is based on the idea that performance feedback often has a limited impact on performance and can damage the relationship between employer and employee.  Feedforward asks individuals to focus on times in their past when they have felt ‘in the zone’ at work and then asks them how they could go about recreating those types of situations in the future.  Instead of the remedial model, let’s fix what is broken, feedforward tries to capitalize on strengths.  I have strong evidence that it improves relationships at work and improves performance on a much larger scale than does feedback.  Here is a site where you can find out more about the technique:


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